Piotr (Peter) Mardziel

About me

I work on transparency and accountability in machine learning with applications to security, privacy, and fairness. I also dabble in probabilistic programming and quantitative information flow. My interests include:

S&P Topics:
  • Anonymity
  • Language-based security
  • Machine learning and AI security
  • Privacy technologies and mechanisms
  • Secure information flow
CSF Topics:
  • accountability
  • anonymity and privacy
  • formal methods and verification
  • information flow control
  • language-based security
  • machine learning
  • software security
CMU Topics:
  • Security and Privacy: Foundations and Formal Methods
  • Application Domains: Machine learning
  • Data Science: Machine Learning
  • Data Science: Deep Learning


ML Security, Privacy, Fairness

ML Interpretability

Security and Privacy

Static (and Probabilistic) Analysis


Other service